What is ADL Tube

I’m really a huge fan of ADL Tube, the ADL300G Stereo Tube from Anthony DeMaria Laboratories. Now who is Anthony DeMaria? Anthony DeMaria Labs (also named ADL) is a modest-sized producer of audio equipment that specializes in vacuum tube-based components furnishing its equipment to the most significant brands in the audio business.

But actually I don’t wish to discuss audio equipment all the time. This weblog is a mixture of my personal things and posting reviews of ADL equipment.

The history of ADL, Anthony DeMaria Labs:

As we’ve said before, you cannot have a lot of compressors, and the level of variety is the essence of gain reduction. Anthony DeMaria Labs is experiencing reinvigorated publicity in Europe and George Shilling states that this box is a delightful, temperamentful package.

DeMaria has been developing audio compressors for over 17 years, and he has gained some reputation as a specialist manufacturer to the insiders who are willing to shell out a little bit more for something extraordinary.

DeMaria’s audio compressors are regularly considered by some great and famous music producers, technicians, recording mixers and artists, specifically in the United States, such as Michael Brauer, Joe Chiccarelli and David Frangioni.
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Make A Toaster Out Of A VCR


This one definitely wins an award for creativity. A toaster made from a VCR! I guess in the days of DVDs and YouTube videos, your VCR does not need to be forgotten or go to the garbage. Oh no, it can make perfect toast for you!

And I know you of course want to make one don’t you? Who wouldn’t want one of these? Well, as far as I know you can’t buy them anywhere. But the good news is there are step by step instructions for building your own available here. So, if you’ve ever been one of those people who likes to build stuff from old stuff and keep outdated and obsolete technology out of landfills, this one should be perfect for you!

If you do make one of these, I want to see it!

Funny Sign: Restrooms and Cookies Together at Last

This is a funny sign that I noticed while at a party a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to share some more original funny photos and pictures found by yours truly here, but I am kind of lazy when it comes to dragging out the camera and uploading all the pictures up to my computer.


This picture as you can see is pointing towards the restrooms, which in a public banquet hall makes perfectly good sense since people will naturally need to use them and have no idea where they are.

But…placing the cookies directly beside the sign? I don’t know about that! Is there anything appetizing about cookies knowing they are on direct route from the bathroom? Geez, I hope everybody washed their hands…

Have a funny picture you’d like to share and let me post on this site for all the world to see? I always give full credit (and links to your site if you have one) so c’mon now, don’t be shy,Send Me Your Stupid Funny Stuff.

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Hands Up, Who Wants Free Stuff?

I keep neglecting my livejournal, I only signed into it tonight because I’m deathly bored online. But, I’m glad that I did. I saw something cool on my friends page.

It pretty much equates to me giving the first 5 people to comment something special, something free, something that means something to them. You want to receive something via snailmail that you’re not expecting? Something that I’ve thought you’d enjoy and actually put thought and effort into? For no other reason rather than I want to? Well, you’re in luck. As that’s exactly what I’m going to do my lovelies.

Personally I love getting snail mail. Not the bills and junk, but parcels. Even if I know what they are. Coming home from work and seeing a box sitting on the hall table addressed to me makes me positively *squee* out loud. There, I said it. Mail makes me make stupid noises.

I want to share the *squee*-love. All you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know that you want a gift sent out to you within the next 3 months. That’s part of the fun of it, you won’t know when you’re getting it either.

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Employee to Entrepreneur – the New Career Way

b0f8d64492735107ea062Working for yourself, from employee to entrepreneur is the end goal of a new career. But the transition from employee to entrepreneur is like climbing over a wall.

Got the Guts To Be an Entrepreneur?

Remember the Berlin Wall? During the Cold War when East and West were separated by that infamous wall, many freedom-seekers risked being shot by border guards while attempting to climb over that wall. If you choose the parallel career way to be an entrepreneur, you are as brave as those freedom-seekers. You are willing to take risks (calculated ones though), make changes and set goals for your future.

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Can we repair school mathematics in the US?

For years I am involved in teaching math and helping students with the math portion of the GED test, so the meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) comes just a few weeks after the nation was stunned by reports of the abysmal performance of our best high school seniors on the mathematics examination given to them and their peers from twenty other countries, is very important to me.

On general math skills these US seniors, some of whom are taking calculus, came in 19th in the 21-nation field, surpassing only Cyprus and South Africa. Our performance was really worse than it sounds because, as John Leo notes in ?the US News and World Report, If the Asian countries who ordinarily score very high on TIMSS exams, had participated, we might have been fighting for 39th place in a field of 41. Continue reading

Empire Building Kit Review

This is Empire Building Kit Review for week 15 For those who do not know, EBK is a course designed by? Chris Guillebeau.

  • Transcription service: Chris recommends Verbalink as a source for reliable transcriptions. Transcripts are good for people who are disabled and cant hear or some just prefer to read.
  • Hundred Days: Whats been happening in the 100 days? Take stock and compare yourself to how you were 100 days ago.
  • Why do a product launch: The main reasons to do a product launch is to pre-sell prospects, more profit, get people to take action, create anticipation and its fun. Launches have to be planned so spend some time on thinking how you will launch.
  • Crafting a Launch Strategy: The goal of a good launch is to make it specific, think about the specific things about how you will communicate the launch, ensure pre-launch creates the right buzz, what will you do on launch day as well as post-launch activities.
  • The Pre-Launch Plan: The major goal is to create anticipation and answer any potential objections. The major steps of pre-launch messaging is to give early notice, pre-launch message sequences (at least 2) and even on the day before. The major idea is to have some kind of process because it benefits your business to tell people beforehand.
  • The Launch Day: Wake up early, test everything and ensure everything works well. Now watch orders come tat come rolling in.
  • Post-Launch: Follow-up with customers. Document lessons learned and prepare for next launch.
  • Advanced Launch Strategies: Tips to take it up a notch by incorporating the following:

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How The Economy is Literally Killing People

At the very beginning of our shift, we received a transfer from the telemetry floor; a 50-something year old woman who was admitted 2 days prior with chest pain and elevated cardiac enzymes. And, at the time, that was all the information we had. She arrived to us having 10/10 (worst pain imaginable, per patient report) chest pain, she was vomiting, diaphoretic (sweating), and so short of breath that she could barely sit back in the bed long enough for us to get a 12-lead EKG. Her EKG showed major ST changes and her blood pressure was quickly dropping to 62/34. By this time, multiple calls had gone out to the cardiologist and he had scheduled her to go to the cath lab at 10 a.m. (it was 9 a.m. at this time) and he was given all the same assessment information that we had in front of us. We were doing everything we could (via ACLS and other MD orders) to keep this woman stable until the cath lab was ready for her to go downstairs. We then received a call from her husband calling to check on her (not knowing anything was wrong) and he was told that she was having a heart attack and he should come into the hospital. He told us he was in California, but would leave at that moment. When we asked for a cell phone number to contact him, he said he didn’t have one… and that was the end of that conversation.

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Alternative education

Today I would like to talk about alternative option of getting educated. There are many ways of getting a proper education from, attending online GED courses and getting a HSE certificate instead of high school diploma to even getting education abroad. Education has crossed the many boundaries, including ?of countries.

Today students travel over thousands of kilometers to a country of their choice to study specific majors and gain better exposure and experience.

There are a number of points that can be a decider on whether or not your choice of the country can prove to be the best for you. Therefore, before deciding on any country to travel to for your educational purposes, consider a few points like

1. Is the country the best place to study the major you are after?
2. Are you aware of the financial requirements?
3. Did you check with other potential options to travel to for the same major?
4. Have you checked on the social and political background of the country that you are traveling to?
5. Is there any scope for scholarships for the course you are about to attend?
6. How about the accommodation and traveling?
7. How safe is the country for international students?
8. Will you be allowed to work while studying?
9. What are the climatic conditions like in the country you are visiting?
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Connection lost, for now

Having recently written a post on the success of the Facebook Connect API (see “Facebook Finally Connects”) there is some irony in that the unstoppable, social media blue machine have wrongly second-guessed the needs of their audience with the introduction of their new “Reconnect” feature. And let’s face it, they rarely get things wrong.

The feature itself helps individuals to reconnect with past links they may have lost contact with, similar to the current “suggest a friend” tool. On the surface this new feature looks like one more innovative addition to the Facebook platform, however they failed to recognize and/or predict that lost connections are not simply accidental phenomena but can be rational decisions. Given the current convenience and ease of contacting people on the current (perfectly fine) platform, it seems strange for the Facebook team, with all their genius and expertise, to commit such a schoolboy error.

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New Hardware Technologies

I am such a bloody spoiled little brat. Yesterday at 3 p.m. I ordered a new phone from mobiles.com because the screen on my old phone is all smashed up and I’ve had it for over a year – longer than I usually keep phones for. There’s one little, little problem with ordering a phone for such websites – they’re contract phones and I have really bad history with contract phones (ending up with me owing Sprint over $500 and T-mobile $300 a few years ago and screwing my credit rating for a good while). But I decided that since I’m 22 on Monday it’s time to bite the bullet and act my age when it comes to money.

There was an other reason I was wanting a new phone – a free gift. In my case an Acer Aspire 5315 with 1GB DDR SDRAM and a 80GB drive. It’s widescreen and pretty.

I figured that this, plus a Nokia 5300 5300 XpressMusic with 600 cross-net minutes and unlimited free texts was more than good at $35 a month so I called up to find out the catch and couldn’t find one so I ordered it. It was delivered earlier this morning. And I love it! The laptop/notebook is awesome and exactly what I need since my Dell Inspiron’s been dead for months and I wanted a new phone.

Is it wrong to buy yourself birthday presents though? Have you ever bought yourself something for your birthday, just as a wee treat?

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Study Destination- Education in Australia

Australia is one of the 6 popular study destinations. Australia has an excellent educational system and this combined with the high quality of living makes this the ideal place for international students to further their studies. Australia also has some of the lowest tuition fees and costs of living in the English-speaking world, and this offers excellent value for students.

The average student spends just A$300 a week on accommodation, transport, food and sundries (based on a comfortable lifestyle in Adelaide) and this is compares favourably against other top educational countries such as the UK, where the average cost of a comfortable living per week for students is 220 (based on a comfortable lifestyle outside London), which is around A$397. Continue reading