What is ADL Tube

I’m really a huge fan of ADL Tube, the ADL300G Stereo Tube from Anthony DeMaria Laboratories. Now who is Anthony DeMaria? Anthony DeMaria Labs (also named ADL) is a modest-sized producer of audio equipment that specializes in vacuum tube-based components furnishing its equipment to the most significant brands in the audio business.

But actually I don’t wish to discuss audio equipment all the time. This weblog is a mixture of my personal things and posting reviews of ADL equipment.

The history of ADL, Anthony DeMaria Labs:

As we’ve said before, you cannot have a lot of compressors, and the level of variety is the essence of gain reduction. Anthony DeMaria Labs is experiencing reinvigorated publicity in Europe and George Shilling states that this box is a delightful, temperamentful package.

DeMaria has been developing audio compressors for over 17 years, and he has gained some reputation as a specialist manufacturer to the insiders who are willing to shell out a little bit more for something extraordinary.

DeMaria’s audio compressors are regularly considered by some great and famous music producers, technicians, recording mixers and artists, specifically in the United States, such as Michael Brauer, Joe Chiccarelli and David Frangioni.
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Is your website working for you?

images333I see it over and over again, people invest valuable time and money in creating a web presence, but sadly enough, they fail to ensure that their website will be listed high in search engines  for the desired keywords.

A few years ago it was easy: businesses would design a website, fill it up with nice content and wait for  Google to list it, it was as simple as that!

But things have come on a long way since then. Today, we website owners need to study the relevant keywords typed in search engines and then adjust the website accordingly.

I’m being told that the key to success is “keyword analysis” and “inbound link building”, the other important factors are reviews and blog posts about your business with links to your website. If your website has no incoming links probably it’s not worth the money.

Digital New Tools 

Creating a brand is probably the most significant challenges for every online marketer or company. But allow me to explain to you that if you will not be branded on the internet, you won’t last for the simple reason that the future is relying on the online world.

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Five Ways to Keep The academic Achievement

If you managed to get good grades at midterms, you would be eager to maintain this achievement until the end of the semester, and next semester. However, if your grades already bad, then you have to try harder than ever.

Consider the following tips:

Read each week
Some teachers require that you read a book every week, several other professors might just make it as a reference. Sometimes, reading assignment is listed in course syllabus and it can make us overwhelmed each week. However, force yourself to read and meet targets in the plan of studies.

You will discover how your ability to understand the lecture material increases with diligence reading the book according to the assignment.

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5 Online Tactics for Small Business

Online promotion and marketing marketing will remain two of the most important aspects for your small business as long as it is up and running. Customers need to know you are out there, and you need a way to quickly find those customers and deliver your message to them.

You need to convince them that you can solve their problems better than anyone else.  Seeking help from an online marketing firm can be beneficial for the sake of getting this stuff right.


However, the 5 following tips will help you out:


The single most dramatic effect on marketing and business today has been social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It seems like almost everyone (including my grandma!) is on them for many hours a day.

Though not as malicious, using social media is quite similar to hunting. Hunters know where their prey congregates, so that is where they look for them. This idea can be applied to utilizing social media to target your audience.  It’s a simple idea, but one that many business owners fail to implement.

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What’s a difference between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Social Media become a part of our daily life so I though i will give you a hand and explain the differences between


Because Twitter has a 140 character limitation, all the news presented via Twitter needs to be short, very clear, engaging and matter-of-fact. Your message must be a short communication of news or a how-to-do, e.g. Three Solutions for A,B or C.

Our client created blog posts with lists of popular? MBA programs. And these posts were re-tweeted regularly because of the interesting form.

We also watched for trending topics #hashtags (left of your Twitter feed), and if there was one that was related to our message, we added it to our tweet for additional outreach, we also follow other websites tweeting about the same subject.

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Why your profile on Facebook should be private re: college admission

Public profiles can jeopardize your chances of being accepted or employed.

Social networking sites like Facebook, and others are always a ton of fun. Nowadays, they’re used more than ever to communicate with friends online and to meet new people. If you’re reading this blog, chances are pretty good that you have a profile on Facebook

The problem with such social networking sites is that they provide immediate access to your information for someone who only knows your name.


Everyone hears talk about stalkers, pedophiles, and sexual predators online, and by now we’re all used to the warnings about disclosing information to absolute strangers. This is nothing new.

But what about people who are just interested in looking at your profile to learn more about you? People who don’t really know the real you, but want to? Yeah, secret admirers will do this, but can you think of anyone else who might want to learn more about the real you?

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Alternative education

Today I would like to talk about alternative option of getting educated. There are many ways of getting a proper education from attending online GED courses and getting a HSE certificate instead of high school diploma to even getting education abroad. Education has crossed the many boundaries, including those of many countries.

Today students travel over thousands of kilometers to a country of their choice to study specific majors and gain better exposure and experience.

There are a number of points that can be a decider on whether or not your choice of the country can prove to be the best for you. Therefore, before deciding on any country to travel to for your educational purposes, consider a few points like:

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How to increase the perceived value of your product or service

The story of the black pearl

Joe-Rodeo-Mens-Broadway-Yellow-Goldtone-5ctw-Diamond-Watch-P16210204With the outbreak of WW II, James Assael, an Italian diamond dealer, left Europe for Cuba. He made a good living supplying the US Army with good quality watches because he could source the diamonds from Switzerland.

At the end of the war the US Army no longer had the same demand for watches, so Assael found himself with a stockpile of watches. Japan wanted watches however had no money, so they bartered with pearls which they had by the thousand.

Eventually Assael became known as the “pearl king”. He met someone who had purchased an atoll where the Oysters produced black pearls.

This person had tried to sell them but said there was no market. Assael waited a year until some better specimens came along and contacted Harry Winston the famous gemstone dealer.

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I wish I can write about entrepreneurship, open source & start-up

10-top-tips-successful-entrepreneursIf you notice the surge of posts here lately, it is none other than because of I’ve tendered my resignation beginning early December.

Yeah, I quit my job and currently serving 1 month notice (another month is to be compensated by new employer). It is a great relief, although only temporarily.

I have more pleasure writing once I’d transitioned my tasks to the new hire and my peers (pity them), other than a more peaceful mind and feeling more energetic.

I’ll kick of the second half of 2016 with the new job (hope it’ll last longer) just few blocks away from my current office building. Expecting the fresh but bigger challenge plus new type of ‘headache’.

That’s what I called ‘job’ right?? Alright, but that is not what I want to write here (will be covered here soon hopefully).

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Foo Foo B.S.

Chris, my best colleague, has brought up an interesting topic that I’ve often wanted to spew about – so now’s as good a time as any!

There is a certain league of folks that are smug, condescending, arrogant and downright obnoxious who think that their words “I went to HarVARD” should be followed by my bowing and kissing their feet.  Boy do I hate to burst a few bubbles…

First of all, I don’t kiss Ivy League boots, I don’t care who may be wearing them!  I also know that folks who go to Ivy League schools put their pants on the same way I do and no matter how much air freshener they have or how much they pay their cleaning lady, their bathroom is liable to smell just as rank as mine at times.

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Make A Toaster Out Of A VCR

This one definitely wins an award for creativity. A toaster made from a VCR! I guess in the days of DVDs and YouTube videos, your VCR does not need to be forgotten or go to the garbage. Oh no, it can make perfect toast for you!

And I know you of course want to make one don’t you? Who wouldn’t want one of these? Well, as far as I know you can’t buy them anywhere. But the good news is there are step by step instructions for building your own available here.

So, if you’ve ever been one of those people who likes to build stuff from old stuff and keep outdated and obsolete technology out of landfills, this one should be perfect for you!

If you do make one of these, I want to see it!

Funny Sign: Restrooms and Cookies Together at Last

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